Monsoon, which offers many a scenic reward, is certainly not to be wasted indoors. Up for grab is three tailor –made packages that cover village scape, ocean and forest during monsoon when colours of Kaleidoscope called Kerala come alive. And also feel our rejuvenation therapy a part of the package offered in the cruise.
Feel the magic of monsoon work on you with our monsoon health package hosted exclusively in a house boat for the first time.


Poll tourism in India is our brainchild. Election is a time of thrill at    each frill of the country. Meetings and marches, posters and propagandas excite this great democracy. The days are packed with cultural extravaganza of campaigns. Election campaign is a cultural shock to tourist abroad and it provides them with an opportunity to know how democracy is deep rooted in the minds of the people. This package launched in May 2004 enabled tourists to have a close look at the vibrant electioneering in Alappuzha dist through houseboat cruise. It was a great success which we tried for the first time.

We have also successfully organized this package 2006 General    Elections also.


Women with oars. First of this kind in  Indian tourism .House boats are cranked by the hands of bangles. It is a boat for women by women. Once again a tale of success of our innovative spirit.


At a time when business magnets, heads of departments and stalwarts of various segments and thinking elites were looking for holding their conferences and business discussions and get togethers in an eco-friendly environment free from suffocating hall and noisy surroundings and away from madding crowds to ensure fruitful deliberations and fetching good results, they looked up on Pulickattil Tourism Group to find a solution. Of course needless to mention, the innovative spirit of Pulickattil Tourism Group fulfilled their aspiration with the launching of a Convention cruise “PALACE ON WAVES”. It was a great innovation if not a revolution in the back water tourism. This convention vessel can accommodate 150 deligates on board in the palatial convention hall on the upper deck for conferencing and having 5A/c ecstatic rooms in the lower deck. The comforts and facilities in our marvel rooms would certainly make the guests to feel that they are in a celestial world.

The launching of this convention cruise opened up a new avenue for the business stalwarts and other magnets to hold their conferences and get together in this convention cruise. The response we received was much above our expectation.

Body, mind and soul fuse together while floating. This is the peak of ecstasy that one can ever have. Now the boat becomes a floating heaven. These healing moments of extreme pleasure are rare in world tourism. In this plenitude of bliss, the tourist journeys back to our ancient hermitage of peace and perfect health. It is in the monsoon months of June, July and August, house boat takes the tourists to the fantastic world of self-oblivion. Here our on board ayur experts steers the smooth journey to perfect health.


Having won the appreciation from our valued guests, tour operators and heads of various organisations about our new venture, and for their suggestion to go in for a fully A/c vessel with more amenities prompted us to the construction of yet another novel convention castle “JALASAMRAT” which is another first in the country. This is fully A/c vessel which can accommodate 150 delegates on upper deck and the elegant most modern 3 bedrooms in the lower deck.

The most distinguished guests from various segments who visited our boat described it as an “ENGINEERING MARVELL” and they were all of high appreciation for our new venture.


House Boat with swimming pool: - True to the innovative guest of PTG, will be launching its marvelous house boat with swimming pool. The launching is expected in September 2008 at the KTM at Ernakulam, Kerala


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